Molly Landis, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse

Molly Landis, BSN, RN, holds degrees in Speech and Language Pathology and Nursing. She was a member of Sigma Theta Tau, an international Honor Society of Nursing and is a member of the American Nurses Association. She is a three-time winner of the DAISY award and was Nurse of the Year Nominee.

After working as a Language and Speech Pathologist for 2 years, Molly decided that she wanted to work with a wider variety of patients. It was then that she decided to pursue her degree in nursing. Her nursing career started off in Oncology and Chemotherapy, where she stayed for 4 years before transitioning to PICC line and ultrasound IF specialist. She moved back home to Michigan after spending 4 years in Wisconsin where she found her career with Allure Medical. Her experience with ultrasound IV made for an easy transition onto the vein team and has also a joined Allure’s Hormone Replacement Therapy team.

In her spare time, Molly’s 2-year-old daughter keeps her very busy! When she isn’t chasing her around, Molly enjoys jogging, reading and spending time with her family.

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