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Snoring is a common condition that affects countless people around the world, but it can be surprisingly difficult to treat. At The Snore Centers, we have the experience and equipment that our patients need to help them manage their snoring long-term.

Because snoring can have different triggers and underlying causes, a patient needs to find a sleep expert that can quickly diagnose and manage their snoring before it escalates.

Our patients can enjoy expert and safe treatment options for their snoring, with long-term treatments to help manage their conditions as they get older. We work closely with our patients regarding their care, ensuring they get the right solutions to their sleep concerns.

NightLase® Laser Treatment

The premier service that we offer at The Snore Centers is the NightLase® procedure: an innovative,
non-invasive treatment option that targets the soft tissue on the roof of your mouth to reduce your snoring.
Here are some benefits of undergoing this particular treatment option:

No Need for Anesthesia

Laser treatments are quick, efficient, and require no painkillers or other numbing agents. If you still wish to take some form of sedation for this treatment, we’ll work with you to find the best one for your own comfort.

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Immediate Improvements After Treatment

NightLase® treatments provide an immediate reduction in snoring after only one treatment, with results improving over time. Once you’ve finished the required number of laser treatments, you should see significant improvements that same night.

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Results Last for a Year or More

NightLase® treatments work directly on the soft tissue on your soft palate, so results can stick around for a year or more, depending on the severity of your condition. Most patients can even enjoy relief for up to a year and a half.

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Why Choose The Snore Centers

Snoring treatment goes far beyond treatment options – That means that you’ll need a provider that understand sleep
inside and out.

Thousands of satisfied patient

Long-term results with minimally invasive procedures

Expert understanding of the different causes and treatments for snoring

Personalized sleep study consultations to improve your sleep quality overall

Patient-friendly pricing for all our treatments

Support for seasonal causes of snoring

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring varies in severity, which requires matching patients to the right treatment option for each cause.
If you’ve been experiencing snoring, here are some possible reasons why:

Anatomy of the Mouth

Having extra tissue in the mouth or throat can restrict your airways, which causes the noise that we associate with snoring. Any disorder or condition that can block your breathing, or generate excess tissue can trigger snoring.

Sometimes, these anatomical conditions are pre-existing, while others can be caused by accidents, such as the ones that affect airway obstruction. These causes are almost always physical in nature and can require some time and effort to manage the snoring symptoms that come from it.

Quality of Sleep

Sleep deprivation, improper sleep position, or other factors affecting your sleep can also cause a snoring problem. Your body tends to stay in a specific position during sleep: this can cause your airways to become obstructed or your soft tissue to become slack. This also causes the noises that we associate with snoring.

The quality of your sleep can have a significant effect on your snoring long-term if you don’t improve your sleeping conditions. Left untreated, it’s also possible for your snoring to escalate, and significantly affect your quality of life.

Nasal Obstruction or Other Nasal Conditions

Your nasal passage is your body’s primary airway, and any airway obstruction can easily lead to snoring problems. Nasal obstructions can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, from having a deviated septum to obesity causing excess pressure on your airways.

Nasal obstructions may often require surgical treatment to fix, though some of them may be managed with changes to your lifestyle, sleep conditions, or diet. These causes often require long-term management solutions.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where your breathing isn’t consistent while you sleep. The most common form of this condition is obstructive sleep apnea, where your throat muscles relax when you’re at rest.

Sleep apnea often requires immediate medical attention since it can escalate into life-threatening conditions if left untreated. It can sometimes be a sign of a more complex condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, or liver problems.

The Snore Centers Guarantee: Quieter Nights, Better Sleep

Our patients can rest easy knowing that our expertise in snoring treatment can provide them with the restful sleep that they’ve been looking for. Using the latest in sleep treatment technology, we’re able to diagnose and manage the root cause of your snoring problem, with effective long-term results.

Personalized treatment.

Our many treatment options for snoring can be personalized for your specific needs, making sure that you can get the best possible results from your procedure.

Professional and well-trained staff

With years of experience, our doctors understand the best way to address your concerns with your snoring. Whether it’s sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder causing you to snore, we can help.

Use of the latest treatments and innovations.

The Snore Centers use advanced treatment options like the NightLase® procedure to help minimize snoring without the need for extensive surgical treatment.

FAQs About Our Snoring Treatment

Can I treat snoring problems at home?

While there are some traditional remedies and over-the-counter medications that may help manage snoring, we recommend getting medical treatment for the best, long-term results.

How effective are over-the-counter devices for snoring treatment?

Over-the-counter devices may be more accessible for patients, but keep in mind that the vast majority of these products often do not have FDA approval and have shown a little effect to reduce snoring. Experts would advise patients to avoid these devices and seek professional help.

Can I manage snoring without surgery?

Medical innovations over the past few years have made it possible to treat snoring without the need for surgery. However, for particularly severe cases, surgery may be the only option to avoid your conditions from escalating any further.

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A snoring problem can’t always be managed on your own. But with a combination of professional treatment, NightLase® laser sessions, and long-term management, you’ll be able to treat chronic snoring and bring your nights back to the rest they’ve always been meant to be.

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